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Flamefusion's dedicated development team's broad experience allows us to provide premier custom products. Look to us to design, implement and maintain your software solutions and sophisticated Internet projects. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.

Desktop software development

Get your next desktop solution developed by the award winning developer team from Flamefusion. We offer solutions built in C#, WPF, WCF, Java just to name a few.

There are many benefits to building desktop applications. For starters, they offer total control and protection from various vulnerabilities. Secondly, the performance and the speed of standalone desktop applications do not rely on Internet connectivity or speed. And lastly, they are a one-time cost and rarely involve recurring costs and charges. Flamefusion have provided many custom build desktop applications from stock management systems to EDI postal systems and games.

Web application development

Are you in need of a web application, webshop, website or a webservice then contact Flamefusion today and get your project started. We have worked with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Flex and much more.

Flamefusion provides custom web application development to serve your business needs. From mission-critical solutions to cost-effective web applications, we craft custom software tailored to your requirements. Our impressive technical skill set and strong background in providing a diverse range of outsourcing services provide our clients with a tangible difference. By developing compatible and efficient custom e-business software, Intranet & Extranet applications, we cultivate methods to build an effective approach to each customer's situation. Our extensive business experience makes your expenses predictable, development processes clear and your solution quick-to-market. Outsource your web project to Flamefusion to get complete custom software development services from highly experienced web experts.

Mobile application development

We have the opportunity to offer mobile development for Android, Windows Phone or mobile web-development for IPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Today smartphones offer an opportunity to relate our social life. you can connect with your friends, colleagues, family and relatives through social media and social media is widely used on smartphones. Smartphones have narrowed the gap between technology as one device fulfills every computing requirement. Mobile application development is responsible to bring that kind of applications that get rid of user’s dependability on OS, PC or Laptop. Flamefusion have specialized in making beatiful, reliable and fast mobile applications furfiling any business need.